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Conception to Cultivation: Emesa


 “When any one looks at what is excellent with an envious eye he fills the surrounding atmosphere with a pernicious quality, and transmits his own envenomed exhalations into whatever is nearest to him" - Heliodorus of Emesa, Aethiopica, 220s or 370s AD.
 When designing a body of work for YCL, there are so many facets that go into the final product you, our community, sees. Though our Conception to Cultivation Journal series, we hope to remove the veil that can sometimes be placed between designers & beholders, to show you a glimpse into our creative processes.
 Emesa was put from mind to paper in October of 2020, after I set the intention to design a detailed collection dedicated to protective amulets. I have been wearing an Evil Eye jewellery ever since I was 16, when I set off to Japan to go visit my sister, whom was living there at the time. My Mum wanted me to have something to protect me whilst I travelled, & ever since then for me, the Evil Eye has been a symbol for youth, Mothers love & travel. 
 From a design perspective I wanted this collection to represent the coveted Evil Eye - a symbol of protection from negative energy that so many have come to love - in a fresh & artistic way. This was how our Prostasia Necklace was born, as during the middle of 2020 I had become infatuated with rectangle & hexagonal shapes; multiple edges, paired with intricate designs & pops of royal blue. I also knew I wanted to incorporate a crystal, & I believe there was no stone more deserving than the ancient & visually breathtaking Lapis Lazuli. 

Prostasia Necklace

 Emesa Necklace

 When preparing the Creative Board that we submit to our whole Marketing & Creative team, I knew that I wanted to bring two key hues into our colour pallet: a soft rust & deep blue. 2021 has been the year we have started too incorporate more pops of colour within our creative assets & campaigns shoots, which I really been very curious to explore as a designer. I loved using copy as art, making it a hero feature in some of our graphics. 

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 With all collections I write poetry as a narrative to accompany the body of work, & sometimes the words flow out so intuitively that we decide to use my own handwriting within our creative campaigns. We also love utilising artwork within our storytelling, which was a vision I have had ever since I started the designs for Emesa. I loved using hues of blue water colour to create the evil eye pattern shown above. 
Fabienne x

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