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Why We Cleanse Our Treasures in the Moonlight

YCL treasures are filled with meaning, intention, and positive energy. This energy not only comes from #TEAMYCL and Creative Director Fabienne, but also the crystals used within YCL designs.

Even if your piece has no obvious crystals adorning the chain, you can always find an intentional 'Garnet Tag' on the extender chain of your YCL piece. Garnet is the main tag used due to the profound power found in this red, burgundy coloured stone, which brings abundance, balance, clarity, and personal power.

Crystals fill our being with wonderful energies that can help us to grow, morph, heal, and move forward in our life. However, all good things need a little cleansing once and a while, and for crystals one of the best ways their 'cleansing' can be completed, is to leave them out in the moonlight. Particularly on the night of a Full Moon, when the energy of the Lunar Cycle is at its peak. 

Here at YCL, we love to cleanse our treasures each month, allowing them to bathe in the light of the moon. This doesn't have to be a difficult process, an easy way to expose your treasures to the moonlight is to leave them in a room with a clear window that has a direct stream of moonlight. You can also leave them on a windowsill. Or, if it is safe & no cheeky thieving possums are around, leave them outside in your garden somewhere. 

When crystals are cleansed, they are cleared of any distorted or stagnant energy, and are better able to assist you on your spiritual journey. 

We hope you enjoy the added benefit of cleansing your treasures when you wear them. 

With love & light,

Team YCL X 

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