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Making Peace With Your Creative

Lately I have been feeling a surge of inspiration, which I believe is a direct result of my mindful action these past few months to become more present (I blame #EckhartTolle). Not the kind of present where I'm sipping green juice, whilst meditating feelin' present as eff. No, I mean becoming aware of the sensation of my pillow under my head as I lay down, the depth of my breath whilst I sit at my desk, & the pressure of the water in the shower as it streams down my skin. And allowing all these moments to be enough, not needing to be more, do more or say more. Becoming mindful & attentive to, & more importantly accepting of, every moment; not just those we label as 'good, monumental, fun, spiritual' etc... Operating daily from this space has had a direct impact on my creativity. 

YCL turns 4 (FOUR!) in July, & over the past 4 years I have had to adjust & place myself out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. One of the ways I have had to learn this is through expressing my creative. I have learnt not attach to what my creations look like, or how they come to be. Some days I just want to paint, others I want to attack a magazine & rip out anything that triggers a response in me. I then want to rearrange it all, add in props like dried flowers or crystals & either photograph the arrangement or collage it all onto a mood board. Other days I want to do nothing that requires me to be creative, like nothing. I have learnt to embrace the different aspects & stages of my creative, & through this I open myself to new ways to learn, grow & morph as a human & as life.

I have also detached from the stigma that says 'I need to be inspired by something external to create', as that is simply not true. I am learning to feel, see & experience the inspiration & beauty all around me, in my day to day life. There is so much power in one partaking in daily life activities & being present & aware whilst doing so; & it's a bonus if you can see the beauty in what you're doing! This is something I work on daily, some days I realise half the day has gone by & I have been on autopilot mode for most of it! Embrace & trust your journey.

I think it's also important to state that there are not 'creative people' & 'non-creative people'. Creativity is not ours, it is something that flows through us; I loved reading Liz Gilberts book 'Big Magic' about this. Creativity can flow through us when we are doing something as simple as folding the laundry, or picking flowers. Allow it to be whatever is for you, & shed any labels you may have applied in the past that hindered you from pursuing visions & dreams. 

In an ode to the creative, here a few ways I've been expressing my creativity these past few months. I share even more of this over on our Instagram & Insta Stories. I hope through reading this post you are inspired to shed the labels & any debilitating beliefs you may have identified with as true for you. You, yourself, are an expression of the universe! 

Written by Fabienne. 

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