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All Things Hoops & Why We Love Them!

Here at YCL, there is definitely a buzz around hoop earrings! All of Team YCL has a pair of YCL hoops in at most times, so we decided to write a little bit about why we're loving them & how you can style them & get the YCL layered look.
Hoop earrings can be traced back to Ancient Egyptian times. The design of the hoop was one of the first styles of jewellery to be made, out of moulding & shaping metal such as gold & would be adorned on the most royal & magical of people. 
Why hoops?
Hoops are a classic design. I remember my Mum wearing thick, solid yellow gold hoops back in the 90's & I always stealing them off her dresser. They were actually the inspiration behind our Mother Hoops (hence the name & them being 'the mothers of all hoops'). We love hoop earrings that drop off the ear lobe at the perfect level, making them easy to style with most necklines & hair styles. They also bow to the classic, feminine & bold look, that has been worn & morphed through the ages. 
What style?
Now, to find the right style of hoop to suit you & your style. Do you prefer a more 'chunky' style of hoop, or a lighter, simple design? Think about the energy you want to evoke through the jewels that you wear. For example, if you're feeling more sassy & vibrant one day, our The Mother Hoops or Mirror Mirror Hoops are the perfect design for that. Or if you're feeling more soft, feminine & inward, then perhaps our Essence Hoops would be more suited. We also love to consider the outfit, is the neckline plunging, boat or turtle neck? From a design perspective, hoops can be layered so easily with an array of varying necklines.
Why #TeamYCL loves them?
Gwen, YCL's Customer Service Manager: The Mother hoops remind me of my mum, they are timeless & even if they get packed away for a while you know they're going to come back out again. You can be wearing something basic, & then pair the outfit with hoops & it transforms the look. 
Emi, YCL's Styling Coordinator: They make me feel sassy & feminine.
Emi's Picks: Freyja EarringsEffect Hoops
Fabienne, YCL's CEO + Creative Director: Hoops make me feel like I'm back in the 90's, I think they're a classic jewellery design & I love the history & evolution within the design. 

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