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Did Someone Say a New Horoscope Collection?

 A collection inspired by your imprint on the world, your Horoscope, a language that manifests itself in your essence.

Crafted with high-quality 14k gold vermeil, this necklace is perfect for daily wear and features our exclusive new Figaro Chain & Petite Jewel Pendant.
What is your sign? 

Each zodiac sign provides you insight into your traits and characteristics and is determined by your date of birth.


You are spontaneous and your nomadic energy keeps you seeking adventure. You speak clearly and directly about what matters to you.
You have an eye for detail and love spending time at home. You have a deep connection to nature and value being around those whom are grounded and authentic.
Your expressive personality captivates whoever you surround yourself with. You are multi-passionate person, whatever you touch turns to gold.
Your intuition runs deep, trust it. You take pride in the work you put out into the world, & struggle keeping your loved ones burdens off your shoulders.
You trust in and back yourself no matter what. You are a confident person, whom isn't phased by what others think and you always put 110% into what you do.
You are patient and absorb all information before taking considered action. You are thoughtful in your words and dedicate yourself to routine and ritual.
You have a keen eye for all that t is beautiful, and you advocate for what is right. You may forget your keys, wallet and phone from time to time, but your loved ones find it endearing.
You have an intensity in your eyes, people to see into your soul (well only if you let them). You are a vault with your friends secrets and are very sensual.
You are magnifying and know how to use it to your advantage. You think deeply about things and love being social.
You value commitment, rules and tradition. You apply yourself fully to all you do and are very loyal & dependable to those you love most.
You view the world through a curious lens and this is seen by those around you. You freely speak your mind and love doing anything creative.
You are highly empathetic and intuitive, you feel others energy from a mile away. You tend to have an addictive personality, and excel in what you apply yourself too.
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